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Daylight Consultancy Limited offers highly quality Executive Coaching by fully qualified accredited coaches who specialise in supporting women at work.

Women in senior roles and women who aspire to be leaders face a particular set of challenges. We have a great deal of expertise and experience in this area and are well-placed to help our clients thrive and find further career advancement.

Without effective, expert help and support, experienced bright women can often find themselves frustrated by a lack of development and progression. We make it our mission to help women in leadership find confidence and success.

Our clients come to coaching for many reasons including:

  • Achieving a move to a more senior role
  • Increased confidence at work
  • Career transition
  • Wanting to improve interpersonal and professional communication
  • To develop their presence as a leader
  • Building their skillset as a leader
  • Enhance strategic thinking
  • Boost well-being at work particularly if they feel stressed or anxious
  • Using time to greatest effect

There are many studies that show Executive Coaching improves performance, productivity and leadership skill, as well as increasing job satisfaction. It is unsurprising therefore that investing in Executive Coaching helps the development and hence the retention of high potential individuals.

daylight consultancy executive coaching one to one

Our One-to-one Executive Coaching programmes are, where possible, delivered face to face in 90 minute or two hour sessions. After an initial chemistry session to ascertain if the coach and client are a good fit, the coach will advise as to the number of sessions needed in each case.

We also offer Group Executive Coaching, which gives organisations an opportunity to offer high quality coaching to a greater number of women. The benefits of group coaching are many offering participants the chance to gain insight from each other, learn great coaching skills and build a support network.