Communication Skills

Our particular expertise is in helping women in, or aspiring to, leadership roles communicate effectively at work. Our interventions are extremely practical and supportive. We create a relaxed, confidential space for clients where they are stretched and challenged, discovering new information about themselves and how they can present, network and influence powerfully.

Every programme we offer is bespoke. We start with a detailed conversation to find out exactly what our clients would like to get from the training, with this in mind we design a programme aligned to the needs of each team or individual. We help our clients become more aware of their physiological responses, as well as their psychological and physical habits and how they can use this information to their advantage. When our clients build their awareness and confidence, they help their minds work clearly and this in turn enables them to perform under pressure. We provide a range of exercises and teaching that will enable clients to walk out of the room with models, tools and techniques they can put into practice immediately.

Using our actors’ expertise we help our clients learn how to express themselves clearly, handle nerves, use body language to great effect and be vocally confident. Through coaching, positive psychology and Neuro-Linguistic Programming we can help unlock limiting beliefs, explore values, find inner confidence and help our clients operate in their most resourceful state. All this enables them to be build deeper relationships, win new business, increase personal impact and improve team performance.

All of our training can be delivered in a group setting or on a one-to-one basis.

Presenting with Passion

Every successful woman is required to present herself, her skills, passions, ideas or expertise in a variety of settings. Our clients often ask us to help them present with confidence, energy, passion and skill in order to win business, manage their team, influence effectively and create career success.

After our presentation skills training each person walks away having received detailed feedback from expert facilitators with new skills, increased confidence, heightened self-awareness and an action plan to take forward.

“Lots of fantastic tools to take into the real world with teams and individuals. I enjoyed the exercises, they helped build my confidence in public speaking. I have come away looking upon presentations in a positive way and enjoying them again!” Leanne Birch, Senior Manager in the Pharmaceutical industry.

Our one to one and group sessions are designed to meet the needs of each individual or team and are likely to involve a combination of the following elements:

The kinds of things we normally work on are:

  • Voice (vocal strength, articulation, volume, pitch, pace and tonality)
  • Body language (including posture and gesture)
  • Breathing to feel grounded
  • Building rapport with your audience
  • Managing your mind
  • Acting with power
  • Presence
  • Feeling confident
  • Making an impact
  • Lighting up the room
  • How to structure a presentation
  • Alternatives to PowerPoint!
  • Handling question & answer sessions with skill
  • Telling an effective story
  • How we can use language to greatest effect

One-to-one follow up sessions:
As part of our presentation skills training we offer each participant the opportunity to further embed their learning by working with a Daylight coach in a one-to-one setting. Our clients tell us they find enormous value in having a private space to see themselves on video and receive even more detailed feedback. Many people use this time to work with the coach on another communication skills challenge, such as facilitating teleconferences or feeling more confident in high pressure conversations

Making an Impact

What story do you want to tell? What story are you, in fact, telling?

We are all ‘making an impact’ all the time. Every time we walk into a networking event or job interview, pick up the phone or introduce ourselves, we are making an impact. We are telling the story of who we are. 93% of the emotional impact of a conversation comes from the pitch, pace, volume and intonation of the voice, and the body language we display. When we want others to respect and trust us, what we say is important, but how we say it and how we behave, is even more important.

We have a range of enjoyable, interactive exercises that give our clients real insight into their physical and vocal habits. This awareness, alongside the insight from our expert facilitators, empowers our clients with the feeling that they can choose the story they tell.

Speaking with Gravitas

The Cambridge English dictionary tells us gravitas is ‘…seriousness and importance of manner, causing feelings of respect and trust in others.’ In order to achieve career success it is vital that we display gravitas when we choose. How we use body language and voice has a marked effect on the level of gravitas others perceive us to have.

Our training helps our clients train their voices so that they can have full vocal control in any setting, managing any nerves through effective breathing. We also build our clients’ confidence so that they can walk into any situation looking and feeling completely confident.

Feedback Conversations

We teach a number of fantastic feedback models, all of which are based on the principles of Non-violent Communication.

“All that has been integrated into NVC has been known for centuries about consciousness, language, communication skills, and use of power that enable us to maintain a perspective of empathy for ourselves and others, even under trying conditions.” – Marshall B. Rosenberg, PhD

We encourage our clients to be aware of the language they are using, as well as the impact of their non-verbal communication. How does the intonation of the voice affect the conversation? How can we use body language to better understand the person we are in conversation with?

The joy of having facilitators in the room with an acting background is that every participant is able to practice feedback conversations in a supportive environment, while receiving detailed feedback. This enables them to walk out of the room fully equipped to have those conversations in the real world.

Being Heard in Meetings

Many of our female clients talk about the frustration of feeling they are not being heard in meetings. They tell is that expressing themselves spontaneously with confidence, gravitas and poise can sometimes feel like a huge challenge. Meetings are often a great opportunity to influence up, share ideas and make a positive impact.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming can be of great value here in helping clients achieve a confident, positive mindset, therefore enabling them to think clearly under pressure and express themselves with clarity. The actor’s toolbox gives clients an insight into the subtle use of posture and gesture to help them to not only feel more confident but also express gravitas.

Confident Conversations

There are so many factors that influence the success and productivity of a conversation. This may be an influencing conversation, managing a team member, speaking with a client or making a request.

We help clients get clear about their intention, have the capacity to choose from a variety of models to help structure conversations, use skillful active listening and powerful questions, fostering the ability to build and hold on to rapport. We will provide that all-important ‘rehearsal space’ to hone the newly acquired skill-set.


Great leaders, those that inspire others, often have presence. The dictionary definition is “the ability to project a sense of ease, poise, or selfassurance”.

Can we really teach clients to have presence? Surely they either have it or they don’t?

Our training as actors has given us a detailed insight into how we use breathing, mindset, listening skills, energy levels, facial expressions, posture, gesture and voice to full effect. Actors are taught to have presence on stage by using all of these skills in combination. The Daylight facilitators will let you into all of their secrets it is merely a matter of learning and practice.