Very excited by the release of “Hungerford“, a movie with a cast of non professional actors. I had a wonderful time being their acting coach. The movie is premièring at the London Sci-Fi Film Festival at the BFI. It’s an amazing docu-romp by a 19 year old resident of the eponymous town. We had an intense rehearsal process, which helped the actors find real details in their characters enabling some excellent improvisation and fantastic performances. The Evening Standard had this to say:

Horror fans won’t be left hungry

A British “found footage” flick about the Berkshire town of Hungerford that goes all Invasion of the Bodysnatchers when the residents begin attacking each other in seemingly random acts of violence. An amateur video blogger struggles for survival while capturing as much as he can on his camera. Shot on location by local director Drew Casson, the film is most reminiscent of The Blair Witch Project – still the definitive film in the genre – with more than a little of the black comedy of Shaun of the Dead. Horror fans won’t be left hungry. -The Evening Standard

You can watch the trailer here, and visit the Facebook page.

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