Mark Pibworth

Head of Prudential Risk (LGAS) – Legal and General

“I wanted to work on my personal presentation skills to make a more positive impact on senior colleagues, particularly presenting myself with gravitas.

The sessions I had with Sarah were excellent. She was very well prepared for them. We’d had phone conversations before each session, talked about what I was looking to get out of them, the kind of people that I was interested in influencing and what situations I had in mind.

The exercises she put together for the sessions worked really well for what we were trying to achieve. It was very practical and involved video and detailed feedback of body language and voice. She ran the sessions really well and has made a big difference.

My coach noticed the change in my body language after just the first session with Sarah and clearly she has just made a big difference to the way I approach others in important situations.

I would definitely recommend Sarah; she was very well prepared, delivered what I needed and followed that up with really good written material that I can look back on. I would definitely recommend it to anyone else. It enabled me to make things tangible and to have the confidence to put changes into practice.”